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Audiological Evaluations


NEW BORN HEARING SCREENING Hearing loss is one of the most common congenital anomalies occurring in Appromately 2-4 infants per 1000. The new born hearing screening helps in identifying babies who have permanent hearing loss as early as possible. This means parent can get the support and advice in management.

Hearing loss can affect child’s ability to develop speech, language and social skills and learning potential. Statistics shows that if a child with hearing loss is fitted with the appropriate hearing aid before 6months of age, the child is in much better position to develop normal speech and language skills, and reach his/her full potential.

An audiological assessment is a painless, noninvasive hearing test that measures a persons ability to hear different sounds, pitches/frequencies. The diagnostic test performed in a soundproof booth under headphones. Following the test, our audiologist will discuss the results and plan for treatment.