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Occupational Theraphy


Our occupational therapist work with children with any condition, impairment that affects their ability to perform the everydayactivities of life, such as getting dressed, eating, going to school, being part of group.

This includes
  • Neurological conditions (e.g. cerebral palsy)
  • Acute medical, surgical and orthopedic conditions
  • Physical disabilities
  • Development delay and disabilities
  • Sensory and attention issues

Occupational therapy address many challenges like attention span and arousal level; sensory and processing skills; fine and gross motor skills; activities of daily living (ADLs), also known as self-help skills, like brushing teeth, dressing and toilet training; visual-perceptual skills; handwriting; and assistive technology.

Addressing challenges in sensory modulation ;children echo have trouble modulating sensory input may experience extra-sensitivity (hypersensitivity),low-sensitivity (hyposensitivity) or both to impairing or overwhelming degree in different situations like in school, home or anywhere. A hypersensitive child may be withdrawn; because they get easily overwhelmed by auditory and visual stimuli, they may want to avoid public places, hotels etc. the buzz of fluorescent lights of an ambulance anxiety about the loud horn of train may distract her, making it difficult to pay attention and participate in class.

Correcting gross motor deficiencies; when a child /adult have problems in gross motor skills involving the major muscle groups, they will struggle with balance, coordination, strength and endurance. These will have a direct impact on anything’s form walking and climbing stairs to hopping, jumping and catching and throwing a ball. Such deficits prevent kids from participating in spots and stand activities, which can in turn affect socialization and self-esteem

Strengthening the fine motor skills; fine motor skills involve the small muscles of hand. when there`s a lack of strength, motor control and dexterity, children have difficulty drawing, using scissors and stringing beads. Such delays, if not addressed, will make academics-turning pages, writing, using scissors and stringing beads. Such delays, if not addressed, will make academics-turning pages, writing, using a computer much difficult and also ADL skills. Occupational therapists also employ many fun activities to develop fine motor skills.